Beware of Garlic Plants illness

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Growth and development of garlic plants starting from seeds, seeding, to gathering has ne’er loose tormenter, pathogenic, weed or illness disorders. The threat of failure continues to haunt if there’s no action from fast Friend to treat garlic plant diseases.

Beware of Garlic Plants illness
Beware of Garlic Plants illness

Keep in mind that each illness has its own characteristics. Therefore, medication to cure the illness is completely different. Well, in order that the illness is often handled fitly, Mas fast can make a case for some diseases of the garlic plant and its control:


The reason behind wilt is fusarium flora that infects plants through wounds, each injuries that occur at the basis thanks to weeping, wounds caused by tormenter attacks, cuts thanks to pruning, or wounds thanks to alternative factors. Plants that are infected with fusarium fungi can show limp, then die.

Fungi that have infected plants can develop within the vessels of the vessels and may cause disruption of water and substance transport to the leaves in order that the plants wither and die. Fusarium fungus infections can even occur in tubers which may cause rot tubers that area unit characterized by a chromatic and wet yellow color.


Maintain cleanliness of the instrumentation used, closing mulch to extend soil temperature. Careful treatment throughout weeding and weeding, and harvests that don’t cause injury. Chemical wipeout of wilt is often done by employing an antifungal agent, for instance, Benlate, Difolatan four F, or Manzate D.

Purple spots

Purple spot illness is caused by the flora Alternaria pores by infecting plants through wounds or mouth of the skin, assaultive plants in the slightest degree ages, however a lot of assaultive plants that have entered the section of tuber formation.
Plants that are infected can show symptoms of little grayish-white patches. These patches can eventually widen and alter color to purple with a black patch encircled by yellow within the middle.

The black patches area unit an amount of mildew spores. Then, the spots can modification color once more to dark brown that is that the fruit body of the flora. Severe attacks will cause the leaves and stems of pseudo garlic to dry up, then the plants fall and die. The unfolding of this flora is often through agricultural instrumentation contaminated with mildew spores, soil, water, workers, or carried by the wind.


Trimmer the leaves that are infected, then burn them. whereas chemical wipeout of purple spots are often finished fungicides, for instance, Daconil, Defolatan 4F, Dithane M-45.

Dew Flour
Dew flour is caused by the flora downy mildew. This flora attacks the leaves, stems, and neck of the roots.


The wipeout of condensation flour illness is often done automatically, i.e. trimming unhealthy plants. Whereas chemical wipeout is often done by mistreatment pesticides, for instance, Daconil seventy-five WP, Antracol seventy WP, or Dithane M-45.

Rotten Bulbs

The reason behind {root rot|plant illness} disease is Pseudomonascepacia, enterics carotavora, and bacteria genus allicola.


Prevention of tuber rot illness is often done by drying through dry air flowing into a temperature of thirty-seven ° C – forty-eight ° C. whereas the wipeout of tuber rot illness is often done automatically, i.e. taking garlic that’s attacked, then burning it.

Leaf Rust

The reason behind leaf rust is that the flora fungus genus pore. Plant elements that area unit attacked by leaf rust illness area unit leaves and stems. Plants infected with this illness can show symptoms of little reddish-starched streaks on the leaves and stems. Then the leaves can dry and wither.


Eradication of leaf rust is often done automatically, that is to chop off unhealthy plants, then burn it. Chemical wipeout is often done by spraying fungicides, for instance, Antracol seventy WP or Dithane M-45.

plant disease

The reason behind {yellow dwarf|plant illness} disease is caused by an outbreak that attacks the leaves. hindrance of {yellow dwarf|plant illness} disease are often done by balanced fertilization at the start of growth, sensible seed choice, and therefore the use sorts} or types that area unit proof against microorganism diseases.


eradication of {yellow dwarf|plant illness} disease is often done automatically, i.e. trimming unhealthy plants or actuation them out, then burning them.

Dead shoots

Phytophthora {pore flora|polypore|pore mushroom|basidiomycete|basidiomycetous fungi} could be a fungus that attacks the leaf buds till the leaves flip yellow, the leaf buds can droop, the leaf cells die, then the leaves dry. plant disease additionally usually attacks the bulbs of garlic till the tubers rot dry. The flora additionally usually attacks the garlic bulbs in storage. Symptoms of flora attacks that seem area unit the presence of black on the bulbs of garlic.


Prevention of this illness is often done by cleansing warehouses and covering or covering mistreatment pesticides.

In general, overcome the matter of suppressing the illness population with chemicals with pesticides and fungicides so quickly felt the results, particularly in giant areas. however it should still be in accordance with the counseled indefinite-quantity, OK Friend fast, in order that the atmosphere remains regulated and guarded against contamination from medication.

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