Here square measure Some Pests that sometimes Attack On Garlic

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Pests and diseases which will cause harm in garlic square measure from insects, nematodes (worms), fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Pests and diseases nearly all} usually attack the garlic plants square measure from the insect and fungi cluster. As for the categories of pests/diseases, the particular symptoms it causes, thus the|and additionally the} demolition strategies square measure as follows.

Grayak Caterpillar (Spodoptera Exigua Hbn.)

Grayak caterpillars square measure pests that destroy leaves and tubers of garlic. Garlic plant leaves that are attacked by armyworms can wilt and dry out and so die. The demolition of armyworms is done by a mechanical technique, which is to trim the leaves that square measure the place of eggs and also the development of those caterpillars, then burn them. demolition of chemical strategies is done by spraying pesticides, as an example Ekalux twenty-five global organization, Lannate twenty-five WP, Baymsil 250 global organization, Karphos twenty-five global organization, Dicarzol twenty-five SP, Astabron fifty global organization, and others.

Caterpillars (Spodoptera litura)

Leaf caterpillars eat all the garlic leaf tissue. Symptoms that seem and attack these caterpillars square measure wounds on the leaves (bite marks) square measure white thus it’s white patches. This caterpillar tormenter attacks the onion plants at nighttime, whereas throughout the day this caterpillar hides in damp places. The demolition of caterpillars is done by a mechanical technique, that is to chop the leaves that are attacked and become a nest of eggs, then burn it. demolition of chemical strategies is administrated victimization pesticides, as an example Ekalux twenty-five global organization, Atabron, Diazinon sixty global organization, or Hostathion forty global organization.


Mite pests harm the leaves of garlic plants by suck leaf liquid and damaging pigment. the apparent symptom of mite-infected plants is that the discovery of leaves from garlic plants turning greyish in color. Infections that occur in young garlic plants build the leaves look drooping droop. demolition of mites in chemical strategies is done victimization pesticides like Roxion four global organization, Kelthane, or Motrin fifty global organization.

Li’er (Tabaci Thrips)

The part of the garlic plant that’s attacked by Tierers is that the leaf. Symptoms of a tormenter attack square measure white leaves remaining within the white patches. moreover, the patches flip grey like silver, then the leaves can dry. this kind of tormenter is commonly found within the tips of the leaves or within the buds of leaves that square measure still young as a result of tiered pests usually attack ranging from the tip of the leaf. The demolition of lier pests is done by a mechanical technique, that is to chop off the attacked leaves and became nests of eggs and nymphs, then burn them. Chemical strategies are eradicated victimization pesticides, as an example Bayrusil 250 global organization, Basudin sixty global organization, Tamaron, or Diazinon.


Worm pests that attack the garlic plants square measure root nematodes (Ditylennchus dipsaci). These worms perform attacks right at the bottom of the growing purpose and tubers by fascinating food juices. Plants that square measure attacked can seem to grow scrawny, the bottom of the purpose grows enlarged, the ideas of the roots dry and decay, the leaves curl or frizzly, pale plants, and also the growth is miserable. Severe attacks will build plants unable to make bulbs. Chemical demolition of worms is done by victimization pesticides, as an example Nemagon 5G, Furadan 3G, Temik, and others.

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alternative Pests

Other pests that always attack the garlic plants square measure Agrotis Ipsilon that attacks the bottom of the stem, inexperienced Grasshopper that attacks the bone of the leaf, Pytobia Cepae attacks the leaf, Red Ants harm the roots and Acrolepia Assectella attacks the leaves. The demolition of those pests is administrated by chemical strategies victimization pesticides, like Furadan, Lannate, or Thiodane.

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